EVERYTHING under the SUN….and MOON too

We are at our most favorite place on the planet- HOME.  We live in the sleepy-small but very hip town of Buena Vista, Colorado.  It’s claim to fame: 15! splendiferous 14,000 foot peaks to conquer, healing hot springs to dip in, sky blue world class waters for kayaking, rafting, and fishing – all right in our back yard.  We love in here.

Buena Vista, Colorado (BV) is a small and charming mountain town flanked by Mt. Elbert- the highest peak in Colorado, and the world class Arkansas River. Come summer, this quaint little town comes alive!  Locals riding on their beach cruisers, kayakers enjoying the river, rock climbers down by South Main chalking it up, music festivals to dance at, and the mountains inviting you to play in the beautiful outdoors. There is no shortage of camping, fishing, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and river rafting–to name just a few!

If you desire to have a simple, peaceful and outdoor wedding, then Buena Vista welcomes you with fresh air and a vibrant landscape to fill your hearts. A wedding in the mountains can bring in that playfulness that we all love about life.  To celebrate love with family and friends in Buena Vista is a way to connect to the sweetness and simplicity of love.  There is something for EVERYONE here!!!  If mountain biking or river rafting isn’t on your agenda,  then perhaps a soak in sacred healing hot springs, a yoga class to create sublime within, a trip to a fish taco and margarita stand (the best ever) by the river, a yummy martini to ignite the laughter, or perhaps a stroll along the famous Colorado Trail. A mountain wedding invites playfulness and offers us ways to connect and celebrate with family and friends.  It is the good life–and there is part of it for everyone in Buena Vista.

BV is a historic town with an urban edge. Although, it’s been around  for 132 years,  the new South Main urban development program  has given a spark and hipness to our cool little town.  Even the Mr. Lonely Planet Writer agrees: this past year Buena Vista was one of his favorite little towns. Whether you want to rough it in a tent in the woods, or treat yourself and your lover to an amazing riverside bed & breakfast, Buena Vista has options for all tastes and budgets!  So, hop on your beach cruiser or a horse and check out this little town.   Buena Vista may be small in size but what it has to offer in beauty, nature and playfulness is a dream come true for a memorable mountain wedding!




  • Breakfast at a CLASSIC ROADSIDE DINER cooked with LOVE and local sourced ingredients. Sit at the bar and meet BARB the owner.  She’s a HOOT!
  • create ART and inspire and conspire with friendly prison ghosts
  • SUSHI so fresh and tasty the wait staff are magical mermaids/mermens
  • COTTONWOOD LAKE – Beautimas sparkling alpine lake is perfect for HIKING, STAND UP PADDLE SURFING, FISHING, or napping-  CKS at 327 E Main Street can get you all lined up with gear and directions.  888.265.2925

BV is QUIRKY! The Chamber of Commerce is housed in an OLD CHURCH for God’s sake!